A Tale of Love

“A Tale of Love” takes audiences on a heartwarming journey from first meeting to forever. The story follows two people as they fall in love, overcome challenges,
and ultimately find happiness and a love that lasts. Through a series of beautiful photos, Kay Kraft captures the essence of love and all its ups and downs.

First meet

Lost in her thoughts, she turns a page, Her eyes then fall on a stranger's gaze.
He approaches her, with a heart so true, Their first encounter, so pure and new. A book and a coffee, their props of choice, A love that began, with a soft and gentle voice.

Bonding over laughs and heart to heart talks,Their bond grows stronger with each passing walk. Exploring new sights and sounds hand in hand, Building memories that they'll forever stand.

Honeymoon Period
A love so pure, a bond so strong.Together they dance to a love song.In each other's arms, they find their home.A spiritual connection that has grownIn this honeymoon period they bask in love, with memories they'll forever cherish above.

In a bond so bright and true,Misunderstandings do ensue.But love prevails, it always will.
Together they'll find the cure, so still.

Working Through It
Amidst the strife, They choose to make things right, For love is worth the fight.

A Love that Lasts
A love that lasts, an eternal flame,Brought together by the bond of their name.
Through every trial, and every strife,They held on tight, cherishing life.
From first meet to a spiritual connection,Their love story deserves admiration.
Misunderstandings, though common, they fought,For the love that they had, was worth aught.
They worked through it, hand in hand, Building a love, that will forever stand.
For in every relationship, these phases we see, But it's the ones who hold tight, who truly are free.
A love that lasts, a story to tell, A beautiful journey, from first meet to farewell.